Argentine Beef  

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Tenderloin en croûte volcano


Herb croûte
Panko 200 gr
Butter100 gr
Thyme10 gr
Bay leaves 10 gr
Rosemary10 gr
Sage10 gr
Oregano10 gr
Tarragon10 gr
Tenderloin volcano
Tenderloin1200 gr
Leek500 gr
Dry white winec/n
Thick béchamel sauce
Flour 60 gr
Butter 60 gr
Milk 500 gr
Grilled lettuce hearts
Lettuces various700 gr
Olive oilc/n
Red peppercorns 30 gr
Bay leaves10 gr
Garlic40 gr
Oil from the confit lettucesc/n
Balsamic vinegar100 gr




Herb croûte
Mix the panko with the butter pomade, salt, pepper and the chopped herbs, stretch to 3mm thick and chill.

Tenderloin volcano
Cut the leek on the diagonal and sweat with the butter and thyme. Deglaze with the white wine and cook to the consistency of a compote. Make a thick béchamel sauce and mix it with the leek compote. Chill. Cut tournedos of tenderloin, truss and seal over a high heat. Chill and make a hollow on one face and add the filling. Cover with the croûte and roast in a hot oven for a few minutes.

Grilled lettuce hearts
Clean the lettuces and remove the outer leaves. Glaze the hearts with the olive oil flavoured with the red peppercorns, bay leaves and garlic. Put aside when tender. Remove from the oil and grill on a high heat.

Make an emulsion with the oil used to glaze the lettuce hearts and the balsamic vinegar. Season and put aside.