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Grilled rib eye steak with creamed pumpkin


Rib eye steak
Rib eye steak 1300 gr
Black pepper10 gr
Green pepper 10 gr
Red pepper 10 gr
Jamaica pepper10 gr
Coriander10 gr
Mustard seeds10 gr
Olive oil300 gr
Puréed pumpkin
Squash500 gr
Thyme20 gr
Garlic20 gr
Butter100 gr
Vegetable stock600 cc
Cream100 cc
Squash millefeuille (OPTIONAL)
Squash700 gr
Thyme50 gr
Sugar50 gr
Glazed tomatoes
Pear tomatoes800 gr
Garlic40 gr
Rosemary10 gr
Oregano20 gr
Olive oilas needed
Garlic cream
Garlic300 gr
Milkas needed
Cream300 gr
Dijon mustard 30 gr




Rib eye steak
Roughly break up the peppers, mix them with the olive oil and spread on the steak. Leave to marinate for two hours in the fridge and then grill to the desired degree.

Puréed squash
Cut the squash into cubes and seal in the butter, thyme and garlic. Once well browned, cover with the vegetable stock. Continue cooking until the stock evaporates and the squash is tender. Make a purée with the cream. Put aside.

Squash millefeuille
Cut the squash into 3-mm thick slices and arrange in a terrine mould, alternating them with the thyme, sugar, salt and pepper. Cook in the oven until tender, remove and press in the fridge to drain off the cooking liquid. Put aside.

Glazed tomatoes
Peel the tomatoes, cut into quarters and remove the seeds. Sprinkle with sugar and salt, flavour with chopped laurel and oregano, and lastly brush with olive oil. Cook in a low oven (85⁰) for 3 hours. Keep in olive oil

Garlic cream
Blanch the peeled garlic cloves seven times in cold milk and once more in the cream. Heat and once it has reached boiling point process into a smooth cream. Flavour with Dijon mustard and put aside.