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Breaded cubes of tenderloin


Breaded cubes of tenderloin
Tenderloin1200 gr
Brioche 300 gr
Parmesan cheese150 gr
Fresh thyme50 gr
Milk500 gr
Dijon mustard3c/nr
Olive oilc/n
Oil for fryingc/n
Creamy polenta with mushrooms
Paris mushrooms150 gr
Boletus mushrooms100 gr
Girgola mushrooms150 gr
Shitake mushrooms150 gr
Corn flour300 gr
Milk1800 gr
Thyme30 gr
Garlic60 gr
Bay leaves5 gr




Breaded cubes of tenderloin
Clean the tenderloin and cut into cubes measuring 4 x 4 cms. Put aside. Cut slices of the brioche and dry in a low oven, then crumble well. Finely grate the parmesan and remove the thyme leaves from the stem. Mix the three ingredients together and put aside. Beat the eggs with the milk, salt, pepper, mustard and oil. Pass the tenderloin through the beaten egg and then the brioche mixture. Chill in the fridge so the coating adheres to the meat and then fry over a high heat for a few minutes.

Creamy polenta with mushrooms
Cut the mushrooms into regular cubes and sauté in butter with the garlic and the parsley. Put aside. Boil the milk with the thyme, garlic and bay leaves, strain and then sprinkle on the polenta. Cook until ready. Remove from the heat and beat the polenta with butter and then add the mushrooms.

Serve a base of the creamy polenta on a plate and arrange the fried cubes of tenderloin on it.