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Eye of rump stuffed with chutney


Tomato and pear chutney
Sweet paprika 3gr
Red peppercorns5gr
Cayenne pepper2gr
Sweet red pepper150gr
Brown sugar100gr
Apple vinegar 80gr
Stuffed eye of rump
Eye of rump  1000 gr
Salt  c/n
Pepper c/n
Balsamic vinegar reduction 
Balsamic vinegar400 gr
Sugar  100 gr
Salad of portobellos, asparagus and baby carrots  
Portobellos300 gr
Asparagus  300 gr
Baby carrots 300 gr
Honey  10 gr
Thyme5 gr




Tomato and pear chutney
In a pan with olive oil heat the spices and then sweat the finely chopped onion, garlic and red pepper. Once they are tender add the cubed pear and the finely chopped, skinned and deseeded tomato. Add the sultanas, the brown sugar and the apple vinegar. Cook until the chutney is sufficiently thick to be used as a filling. Set aside to cool.

Eye of rump
Clean the eye of rump to eliminate the connective tissue and any fat. Make a lengthwise incision in the centre in the form of a pocket. Fill with the chutney, seal and cook in a medium oven to the desired degree.

Balsamic vinegar reduction
Put the balsamic vinegar and the sugar in a pan over a low heat and reduce to a half. Set aside.

Salad of portobellos, asparagus and baby carrots
Cut the portobellos into 5-mm slices and caramelise in butter. Finely slice the carrots and cook in a frying pan with butter, sprigs of thyme, a little honey and a little water until they are tender and glossy. Separate the asparagus tips and grill. Once the three ingredients are ready, dress with the balsamic vinegar reduction and a few drops of olive oil.

Pour a little of the balsamic vinegar reduction on the plate, and place a portion of the stuffed eye of rump on it. Serve the warm portobellos, asparagus and carrot salad beside it.