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Sirloin strip with crispy bacon


Sirloin strip 1000gr
Lemon juice10gr
Crispy bacon
Smoked bacon 400 gr
Other ingredients
Radish shoots 20 gr
Beetroot shoots 20 gr
Rocket sprouts20 gr
Alfalfa sprouts  20 gr
Bean sprouts 15 gr
Edible flowers  15 gr




Clean the meat, trim and score the fat. Cook in the oven to the desired degree. Leave aside.

Remove all the hard outer leaves from the artichoke hearts and cook half of them in water with salt, lemon juice and butter. Drain, process, beat in the butter and flavour with the thyme. Cut the remaining artichoke hearts into regular shapes and grill until tender.

Crispy bacon
Cut the bacon into fine slices, place on a baking tray and cook in a low oven until it is dry. Remove, drain off the excess fat and process into a fine powder. Put aside.

Place a serving of artichoke purée on a plate and beside it the grilled artichokes. Cut the steak into 5-mm thick slices and arrange on the purée. Alternate the fresh vegetables shoots and bacon powder with the meat.